About me:

I grew up on a small farm just out of the north metro.   My living circumstance was similar to what many experience in Corcoran, we were right on the edge of town.
Our town is similar.   I own and operate my own business, but maintain a small pig farm here in Corcoran.   There is nothing better after a day of work to retreat to our own little slice of heaven.  

Life is a participation sport!  

I get involved.   Historically I have been active in the communities I am a part of.   I have served on lake associations, served on business councils, been active in church, have coached a lot of kids sports.   Presently,  I am proud of my association with the Lions, the Jaycees, the Garden club, Northwest Trails, and the Loretto fire Department.  

I chose Corcoran as my family's home.   My wife and five kids love it here,   we have laid roots here and are proud to call it home.   Together, we will continue to make Corcoran the jewel that it is, and continue to plan and execute and deliver on making Corcoran the community it can become!

Current challenges:

I am concerned more than ever about Corcoran's future.   The previous councils have put together a long term plan and it is important that we execute, add, efficientize and do it on our terms.

There are powerful entities outside Corcoran breathing down our city trying to impose their visions on us.  Being one of us, and valuing independence, Corcoran must face these challenges with strength.   The Met Council, Hennepin County, the larger cities around us, the watershed have enormous power.   I have seen it first-hand.   The city here must maintain its strong presence, and must maintain its ability to act on our terms.   We have, no doubt, issues as a town we will need to work on, but we will tackle those with OUR citizens in mind.


Why me?

I am unique, and I fit right into this unique town.   I share your values.   I work hard, I love my family, I value freedom, I thank God every day for what I have and what I can give.  

I lead and run my own business.  I am a financial analyst by education.   (I have my MBA and I am a Chartered Financial Analyst) Part of my job is evaluating companies and cities for effectiveness and efficiency.    I am comfortable in a corporate boardroom and can speak to power.   My style is to be cooperative, collaborative, and search to find common interests, while maintaining my independence of thought and action.   Angie, my kids and I also run a small farm here on about 155 acres.   I am just as comfortable driving a tractor as I am in the boardroom.  I wear a blue suit most days, but wear blue jeans most nights.   Its important to be able to be an advocate for our lifestyle here, and at the same time be able to facilitate conversations that can be mutually beneficial with other large dominant political entities that overlap our city.

Jon Bottema